Original Mongolian yurts in the Czech Republic

Import and sale

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Do you long for living in a circular space and in a cheap and ecological manner? Or do you want alternative housing, a studio or a rehearsal room soundproofed with felt in your garden? Then contact us!

No permission is required, you only need a helping hand to build the yurt, which is inhabitable within a day and within two hours can be disassembled and mobile.

Fig. 1 My yurt

My yurt

I have got a yurt myself, situated in my garden in a village called Buchov near Votice in Central Bohemia. A friend of mine also has one across the street and uses it as accommodation for guests or as a room for lectures with projection for friends. The yurt comfortably accommodates more than twenty people and the corner-free atmosphere complemented by columns, a painted wooden roof, and a roof window creates a cozy and energetically positive ambiance. She has also got yaks, which gives the surrounding an exotic vibe.

One of the yurt’s advantages is the isolating layer of felt, which guarantees swift thermoregulation even in the coldest frosts. On the contrary, in high temperatures the lower part of the yurt can be uncovered to let the refreshing breeze in and then out the roof window. The yurt provides enough shade, yet there’s still plenty of light. In winter, the same part of the yurt can be wrapped in felt, which keeps the heat inside.

If you have never been inside a yurt before and if you want to get an impression of what it looks like, come and see us first.

Fig. 2, 3 Yurt as a snack bar at a bikeway in Ore Mountains Jeleni

Measurements and equipment of an ordinary yurt with five (six) walls

The average diameter of a large yurt with five walls is 5,80 to 6 metres, its circumference is 20 metres, the door is 112 - 120 centimetres wide and 132 - 150 centimetres high. The diameter of the roof window is 131 - 145 cm, the length of the poles is 230 - 235 centimetres and the inside height (clear span) is 160 :250 centimetres.

The five grid-shaped walls are made of larch hardwood connected with knots made of camel leather. The same goes for the 81 roof poles, which have their inside parts painted and openings for a simple knot on both ends. The poles form a radial roof that resembles the sun. The frames of the roof window and two load-bearing columns are made of pine (due to its lightness), similarly to the door, which is on both sides decorated with traditional Mongolian ornaments.

The wooden structure is to be covered with a white inside canvas The canvas is covered by a layer of felt and then by a thick fabric (tarpaulin), which protects against rain. Atop of that is the outside white canvas decorated with blue Mongolian ornaments depicting an endless knot. The equipment includes an inside rope, which strengthens the walls, four inside lines to join the walls together, and two outside lines for reinforcement.

The yurt with six walls has a diameter of 6,8 metres and the entire structure is larger and higher. The yurt with seven walls has a diameter of 7,4 metres.

Fig.4 A yurt does not need so much space after all (near Brno)

Fig. 5 Wooden structure of a yurt and equipment

Fig. 6 The roof window and columns

Fig. 7 An inside look at a yurt under construction

What is not included: stove, pipe and chimney, which needs to be selected according to the type of the stove (I recommend Jotul F 602. There is one in my yurt and it produces sufficient heat) if you wish to use the yurt in winter. The floor is not included, but it can be easily crafted from wooden planks. It is actually not really necessary for the floor to be there if you aim to use the yurt only in summer. We recommend to put the entire structure on pillars or stones cca 30 cm high for isolation from below. The carpet or any kind of furniture are not included as well.

Price The overall price of yurt with five walls with above mentioned equipment is 186 000 CZK, including value added tax and import from Mongolia. The yurt with six walls is 215 000 CZK.

The price does not include delivery to your address., but it would be possible to transport it by a common delivery van (pick-up) or by a trailer.